8 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Be Attentive When Studying Online

Are you tired of the same window screen on your laptop and don’t feel like sitting for your online class? Do you feel the course is boring and has dehydrated your energy?

This is a significant issue among the current batches of students who have recently shifted to an online learning mode but cannot adjust to the digital classroom environment for a long time. In fact, many look for shortcuts to get assignment help so they do not have to sit longer for online research.

In fact, as per a  recent survey, 60% of students who had just switched to an online learning system found the experience to be monotonous and found it difficult to stay motivated to pay attention in class.

You see, when the world got shut down during the pandemic, the future of education was a big question. But now, with the advent of online learning, everything is so accessible, then why do students feel diverted or lack enthusiasm?

The reasons are pretty obvious – Boring environment in your study area, lack of interactions etc.

Hence experts have suggested here some of the best top tips exclusively for you –

  1. Make a Plan for Your Entire Day

(You can add your favourite quotes in between your tasks!)

This is the first and most important tip everyone will tell you. Indeed, making a plan will help you survive your classes, and you will not feel stressed as well.

So, jot down the time slots for when you will work on your schoolwork and when you will attend your other engagements. Being adaptable is, of course, one of the advantages of online education.

  • Pro tip here-

If you can, use your creative skills to make your timetable by using colouring pens and stickers.

When you receive your syllabus, schedule all of your due dates, tests, and assignments on a calendar that you can easily access.

You can also use an online calendar that will notify you through email or phone if that is what works best for you in order to remain on top of your coursework.

If you have a large project coming up and find yourself with some extra free time, this will enable you to work ahead.

  1. Turn your study area into the best corner in your room

(Adding aesthetic elements will motivate you more!)

Being able to complete coursework from home is a benefit of online education, but being surrounded by familiar, cosy objects can also be a disadvantage!

Poor study habits might be developed by sprawling out on the couch or in bed. Hence, having a designated location for your homework is one of the finest pieces of advice for keeping your drive to study when at home.

So, start by creating a workspace in your house with good lighting and a desk. Place your laptop and textbooks here. Then, fill it up with paper, pencils, and pens.

You can also create separate study areas, like a table arrangement on your balcony, for the first half of the day. Again, after lunch breaks, you can move to an interior place.

The purpose is to not get bored by sitting at the same place for 6-7 hours. So, keep moving! 

1) Reward Yourself

(Self-care is the best therapy)

Give yourself a reward when you complete one of your deadlines, whether you set it for yourself or your lecturers did.

It might be incredibly encouraging to take an ice cream break, stream your favourite show, or talk with your friends.

You’ll find that you’re more motivated because you know the reward is on the way. Of course, achieving the rewards must be something you are willing to do.

But you must continue working and resist your temptations if you want to succeed.

2) Create a Balance

(Over stressing isn’t healthy)

All college students experience burnout, and attending online classes does not protect them from it. You must make an effort to maintain a balance between your personal life, projects, and college.

It’s not always simple to accomplish this, especially when learning occurs at home. It’s simple to become caught up in studying constantly, which rapidly kills your enthusiasm for your job.

Maintaining balance will require ongoing effort. Hence, to prevent burnout and maintain motivation, always remember to give yourself permission to unwind and spend time with friends or family.

Find Ways to Connect with Other Students

(Socialisation is important)

Online classes are not just to offer you education. But if you just keep engaging in projects and coursework day and night, someday, you will definitely feel more like a robot than a human being.

So, the best way to get out of this phase is to find opportunities to interact with your fellow students outside of the classroom if your university’s campus is nearby.

If not, spend some time in online forums or look for a local organisation of college students from a different institution that you can occasionally get together with.

You can stay motivated to finish your degree by hanging out with people who share your goal.

Keep your phone away during classes

(One device at a time, don’t let the cell phone distract you)

When your professor is looking elsewhere, checking your phone is hugely tempting.

But you don’t realise your concentration is disrupted by social media and phone notifications.

So, the safe thing to do is place your phone in your bag or a nearby drawer.

Try mixed methods to level up your learning

(Basics are boring!)

Rereading your notes and hoping that it’s understandable is not considered studying.

There are several ways to vary your study routine, such as using a text-to-speech tool to convert a pdf file into an mp3. Or you could download the lecture’s audio. Then take it outside to enjoy it while you take a walk.

Another option is to rewrite your notes as bullet points, diagrams, or mind maps. You can also use flashcards, which have already been successful in helping pupils remember knowledge in manageable chunks and are excellent for learning on the go.

Sit with your favourite beverage

This is going to be your last tip, yet the special one!

So, who doesn’t like to sip a cup of coffee while they are being taught about international politics?

We all love to have our beverage, especially during those times when our brain needs energy and, of course, to get motivated!

So how about a hot tea or a cold coffee?

In fact, allowing oneself to indulge in a favourite beverage during class might arouse your senses. Being grounded in this way can help you stay present. 

Final Words…

The power of bringing motivation is in your hands; you just have to look around and do things differently.

It’s obvious that listening to class lectures on screen can often drain your thinking capacity if it lasts longer than an hour.

So, take this blog as your cup of motivation and boost your energy again!


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