Yachts can stay in Turkey for up to five years, but it is recommended that the owners sail them one time per year. It is very rare that yachts stay for more than three years, however, yachts usually sail out of Turkey after three years. During the five year period, yachts must leave and return with the permission of the Turkish authorities. While staying in Turkey, yachts should follow the regulations in place for the port of entry. It is important to remember that there are different rules and procedures for sailing in and sailing out of Turkey. Some of these rules apply to yachts only while others apply to all vessels entering or leaving Turkey. The yachts should check with the port authorities of the place they enter Turkey to obtain the proper documentation. The captain and the crew must also Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey have the correct papers before the yacht can enter the waters of Turkey. It is important to know that yachts cannot enter the territorial waters of Turkey without permission from the Turkish Coast Guard. Yachts entering the territorial waters of Turkey must also have a registration number. It is a requirement that a vessel’s identification number must be issued by a maritime registry in order for it to be legally registered. It is also important to note that yachts entering Turkish waters must have the flag of their nation.

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