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Vans is a popular brand all over the globe recognized for its effect on skate culture. It was founded in California in 1966. High Top Vans has effectively dominated the market for street footwear, growing from a modest factory in Anaheim to a multibillion-dollar company that seems to survive fashion trend cycles year after year.

I’ve followed Vans’ achievements and tribulations for years as a loyal consumer and brand supporter. The reasons why Vans are so well-liked will be discussed in this article, along with the company’s history, style, and some amazing brand partnerships.

Why Are Vans So Popular

In the 1960s, when skating was just beginning to gain popularity among California’s young, Vans was the first company to create a line of skate shoes. Get discounts from vans military discount

Let’s examine the primary factors that have contributed to Vans’ continued success.

A Brief History

Paul and James Van Doreen, brothers, together with pals Serge Delia and Gorden C. Lee, created high top vans in 1966 in California (source).

Five primary iconic Vans silhouettes have evolved throughout the years (Era in 1976, Old School in 1977, Sk8-Hi in 1978, Authentic in 1966, and Slip on in 1982).

The creators of High Top Vans prioritized traction, durability, and comfort while designing their shoes for skateboarding and, initially, boating.


Collaborations are a big part of Vans’ success and how they manage to maintain their brand feeling new and exciting year after year.

Over the years, they’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, from anime to a partnership with a contemporary art museum’s MoMa collection to celebrity designs and partnerships with labels like Supreme.

You can check out their latest June 2022 Sailor Moon collection here, which has a collaboration with many of your favorite brands.

High Top Vans partnerships with other companies, figures in popular culture, and famous artists never seem to stop. If you want to view all of the crazy collaborations that Vans is selling right now, you should check out their website at vans.com.

Collaborations assist Vans to reach a broader audience by introducing the company to the brand’s products. Vans has even teamed up with Crayola for a kids’ line (check out the funky designs here, they are simply amazing to look at).

Popular Among Skaters And Celebrities Alike

You can’t talk about skate and pop punk culture without mentioning Vans. The shoes’ special design features, such as its non-slip waffle outer sole, make them great for the sport of skateboarding.

They are always in vogue, as shown by the fact that celebrities like singers and comedians wear them on red carpet events.

Popularity In Different Ages

The popularity of High Top Vans spans all demographics, from young boys to middle-aged men and women. They are versatile enough to be worn to a variety of events, from formal weddings to formal school functions.

Their continued success is not surprising given the breadth of features available under a single brand. The rising stock price over the last year and their rising revenue over the past several years are indications of their growing popularity. (Their revenue grew from $2.3 billion in 2017 to $2.8 billion in April 2022).

Their Design And Comfort

Vans’ durability and enduring appeal can be traced back to the brand’s emphasis on wearer comfort in the design process, which dates to the brand’s inception in the ’60s.

I’m going to describe each of the traits they have and explain how they contribute to the brand’s overall success.


The timeless appeal of High Top Vans fantastic vintage designs stems from the brand’s commitment to a traditional aesthetic. Their style is well-liked because of its adaptability; you can rock it wherever, from the skate park to the red carpet to your shift at the office. Skate culture in the United States in the 1960s is forever linked in the minds of the style-aware to the timeless and adaptable Vans design.


Because of its superior traction, Vans are a go-to shoe for a myriad of situations. If you want to skate in these shoes or wear them to work on a tile floor, you won’t have to worry about slipping because of the gripping waffle-like outsole. Since Vans are low to the ground, they may be worn on a variety of surfaces.


It’s common knowledge that Vans are among the most relaxed footwear options. This increases their already widespread admiration. The collar of a pair of High Top Vans is padded for comfort, and the insoles and outsoles are both made of soft, durable rubber.

For individuals who want more comfort and stability, Vans also offers many Ultra Cush variants. Vans’ groundbreaking dedication to comfort ensures its continued prominence as a market leader year after year.

Great Quality Materials

You may be certain that your High Top Vans are constructed from durable materials. The outsole is constructed from high-quality, vulcanized rubber that is both resilient and resistant to wear. In contrast to their toughness and durability, the top materials used to make Vans’ canvas and suede designs are surprisingly comfortable.

While breaking in your High Top Vans is still recommended, many people find that they are comfy right away. Vans are often regarded as the best shoes available due to their exceptional design and construction.

Designs For Everyone

High Top Vans has a huge variety of looks for all sexes and age ranges. Choose from a variety of silhouettes, including high-tops, low-tops, the Old School for a retro style, and the checkerboard slip-ons for a laid-back vibe.

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