The easiest way to solve your problem is to look at your recipe first. You must ensure that the instructions on the label of your air fryer are followed. For example, you should always make sure that the temperature is set high enough so that the ingredients can be cooked thoroughly.

If this doesn’t happen, the cooking time may need to be lengthened. Another tip is to read the instructions and follow them carefully. You should also follow the cooking time given on the label. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. A lot of the time people assume that their cookers are defective, and they don’t bother to check if they are using the right settings.

The other problem could be that the air fryer has been left on over a long period of time. If you turn on the Airfryer after leaving it on overnight, it may seem like the machine is not working.

Try cleaning the fan filter, which is located at the back of Ninja foodi not heating up your Airfryer. Sometimes a blocked filter can affect the temperature setting, so you should clean it regularly.

It is a common problem that the temperature in an air fryer doesn’t increase as you expect it to. A problem that can occur is that the temperature setting is set too low. Sometimes, the internal temperatures may not be the same as the air temperatures around you. Check if your air fryer has reached the expected temperature.

If it isn’t hot enough, then you should adjust the temperature setting. Please make sure that you are cooking food in the center of the tray. If you are using too much oil, the temperature may be too low. Also, the fan speed must be high.

It may not be efficient to use a high fan speed when you are cooking food at a lower temperature. Some models may be affected by the presence of water, so don’t cook when you have used tap water. In the meantime, you should set your air fryer to a higher temperature setting than you need.

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