Cookies are everyone’s favorite, whether you are a  toddler or an aged person. Everyone likes to sneak into the kitchen and take cookies from the cookie jar. People make cookies on get-togethers, holidays, and a lot of different events. As the cookies are so much liked and loved by everyone, they have to be treated in the best way possible. This is why different good looking and durable cookie boxes are designed. These cookie packagings are made in such a way that they match the cookies in awesomeness and everyone would like to get their hands on them. A lot of thought goes into making cookie boxes. The goal here is to make good retail cookie boxes that keep your cookies safe from any damage and at the same time having a nice appearance for your homemade and bakery made cookies.

Custom cookie boxes:

The personalized cookie boxes that are made according to your requirements and the design of your choice are called custom cookie boxes. The job of these good appearing cookie packagings is to make your cookies shine from the presentation point of view. Custom packaging provides you with a lot of options like the choice of material, box type, size, dimensions, printings, and finishings. With all these boxes making options at your disposal, you can design a good looking packaging that best presents your cookies. Some of these choices are mentioned here for your customized cookie box packagings.

  • Choice of material:

The choice of materials is very crucial in making any type of boxes. This is also true for cookie boxes as a lot of different materials can be chosen for your cookie boxes. These materials include cardstock, rigid, and kraft stock. If you are nature conscious and want to make your boxes biodegradable and easily disposable then the Kraft stock is the best material for you otherwise card stock and rigid box material can be chosen. The choice of material should be chosen after considering all the aspects because the quality of the packaging greatly weighs on the choice of the materials. The materials are chosen after considering the cost of materials and also the compatibility of that material with the presentation design you have in mind.

  • Choice of box type:

 The choice of box is also very crucial. This is because the type of box chosen has a great effect on the presentation of your boxes and the sturdiness too. A lot of box types available in the market can be used for this purpose to make your boxes look stunning. Tray sleeves and tuck-ins are the most used box types for cookies. The reason being their simple nature and customizable nature.

  • Size and dimensions of boxes:

You can have your cookie boxes of any size that you would like to have for your cookie packagings. If you get already made retail boxes from the market, then you will see that the boxes are of the standard sizes. You can have your favorite size and dimensions for your cookie boxes. This is one reason for you to choose custom made cookie boxes for your cookies.

  • Printing of your boxes:

 The printing of your boxes is very important for the overall presentation. You can a lot of different colorful patterns and designs of your choice to make your cookie boxes better appearing and eye-catching. Usually, two types of printings are used for the boxes CMYK and PMS. Any printing choice can be made for our custom printed cookie boxes in making your cookie boxes worthy of your brand logo. The most important thing that can be printed on your cookie boxes is the name of your brand and your logo. Your logo provides recognition to the brand.

  • The finishing of your choices:

 For you cookie boxes you can a lot of different finishing options that would go well with the overall presentation of your boxes. The finishing choices you usually get are gloss, matte, soft-touch finish, spot UV, embossing, and debossing. You can choose whichever finish would go the best with your cookie boxes. For instance, you might want to have the logo of your company embossed or debossed on your cookie boxes. Similarly, you can also have the name of your company embossed or debossed to make your cookie boxes look unique.

Custom cookie boxes as a good investment in your business:

For any product introduced in the market, good packaging is crucial as it does not only protects the product from any damage or factors that can lower its quality but also make it a center of attraction when placed among similar products of the rival companies. Attention from customers is what your product requires too and custom printed cookie packagings can get your product that attention. Such good looking packaging does not only makes your product look good but also makes a good reputation of your company. When the cookies are packed in a packaging that looks so good from every point of view, the chances of those cookie boxes to get you good sales also increase. It is advised for you to get a custom packaging for your products. You won’t regret this.

Where to get custom cookie boxes?

 Now that you know the importance of cookie boxes in the packaging of cookies and all the aspects of good cookie boxes for your products, now the next question that would have appeared in your mind will be where to get these custom cookie boxes. To answer to this question is very simple. A lot of online and offline packaging vendors are operating in Australia where you can get your cookie boxes at wholesale prices. These box making and printing companies have a lot of experience in the custom cookie box making and you can use their experience to get a lot of different design ideas that will not just make your cookies look good but also your brand look good.

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