What Is a Pogo Pin?


A pogo pin is a spring-loaded electrical connector. These are used in a variety of modern electronic applications. For example, you can find them in the electronics testing industry. The mechanism that makes them work is similar to a traditional crimp connector, but it’s spring-loaded. Because of this, they can be used to make a very tight connection.


One of the benefits of a TC2050 pogo pin is its flexibility. It can be used for a variety of applications, from charging a smart watch to connecting cables. It is also useful for earbud charging. The pins can be soldered into place. To assemble the connector, it needs to be assembled in the proper orientation.

The socket bolts connect the test board to a spring-loaded inserter. The customer then places a device into the test socket and closes the lid. The springs in the probe head tilt and mate with the device. A signal is then sent from the device through the probe head, spring, and test pad.


The Mill-Max spring-loaded pogo pin is a highly reliable electrical connector with low resistance and compliant design. These pins are commonly used in base unit interfaces and rugged surface-to-surface connectors between circuit boards. They feature precision-machined gold-plated components and a low-resistance spring.

Pogo pins come in a variety of colors. They can be blue, yellow, green, or black. Each one is meant for use with a specific type of board. The pins attach to the board via connection points on the bottom side.


Tag-Connect for pogo pins is a proprietary connector designed for pogo-style pins. It has test-pads for pogo pins and holes to ensure a rock-solid connection. It costs around $34 for a single header. If you need more than one, you can purchase a multi-pack of Tag-Connects.

The Tag-Connect connector uses pogo pins that have little springs inside them that push them against the PCB. This makes it difficult to use in extended debugging sessions, as you have to keep holding the connector firmly in place. Fortunately, Tag-Connect comes with “legs,” which are small clips that hold the pogo pins against the board.

Contact pads

Contact pads for pogo pins provide a durable and corrosion-resistant surface for the spring-loaded contacts. These types of pins are often used for charging cradles of cordless handheld devices. This type of contact is widely used in a variety of applications. They are available in single, multi-contact and flat configurations and range in diameter from 1.03mm to 1.50mm.

Contact pads for pogo pins are available in both linear and stamped designs. The linear type can be produced with a shorter length and requires less space along the height of the port. This type of contact pad can also be used with smaller pitches. Its linear arrangement can reduce the overall area of a port and can be used with a variety of plugs that feature different contact regions.


Pogo pins are a highly versatile connector that provide fast, reliable connection to other devices. They are commonly used in automotive testing equipment, computer peripherals, robotics, and more. The simple design makes them easy to manipulate and are a great addition to any system that requires reliable connectivity. These pins are indispensable in a variety of applications and are a staple in many modern-day industries.

Pogo pins are also very useful in the medical field. They can be used to connect electronic components with devices, including inhalation machines, skin laser devices, and diagnostic equipment. A pogo pin offers a more consistent connection than other connectors, making it ideal for medical equipment that must maintain a steady connection.


Pogo pin components can be utilized to connect various types of electronic gadgets. Typically, they are arranged in a straight selection with even spacing between them, but other arrangements are possible. In addition to providing connectivity, these components also provide modular charging components. As a result, they are becoming an increasingly important component for the advancement of many technologies.

As spring-loaded contacts, pogo pins have a highly reliable electrical connection. This characteristic makes them popular for use in applications where reliability is important. They can withstand millions of mating cycles, which is a major benefit when designing electronic devices.


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