Child safety window lock is a brand-new protective anti-theft window lock that is gradually becoming popular now. It is a new type of building security product installed on doors and windows to provide protection, anti-theft, anti-falling objects and other safety guarantees for home life and office.

It has many advantages such as wide application range, safety, beauty and practicality. of new products Big Furniture Warehouse Discount Code NHS.


  • set of window locks


  1. There is a certain lack of functionality in traditional window locks – they only have anti-theft effects when the windows are closed. The child safety window lock is based on making up for the lack of this function of the traditional window lock, and adopts the principle that the window can be locked even when the window is opened to a certain width to realize the combination of ventilation and anti-theft.
  2. The integration of safety devices can effectively prevent children from accidentally opening windows and causing danger. Under normal circumstances, the width of the child safety window lock safety gap does not exceed 300px to prevent children from getting out of the open gap and causing danger.
  3. Window lock MK913, made of zinc alloy and PA66+30%GF, high-quality material, high strength, durable, simple and beautiful.
  4. Not only is it easy to install, but the unlocking experience is good. Most importantly, it can be hidden and disassembled, which is not only convenient for parents and friends to use, but also prevents children from destroying it. It is very worry-free to use. In addition to home windows, Metco window locks can also be used in schools, hospitals, hotels, kindergartens and other places.


There are three sets of installation methods for window locks, which can be selected according to needs

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How to calculate the window area

  • Lenovo Computer ThinkBook 14-llL
  • Windows 10 Home Chinese Edition
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2016


  1. First click to open the window area calculation form.
  2. Then enter the formula “=” sign.
  3. Then multiply the “window border length” by the “window border width”.
  4. Finally, press the Enter key to confirm and calculate the window area. That’s fine.
  5. The window area is calculated by multiplying the length of the window frame by the width; first measure the length and width of the window with a tape measure, and then calculate the area of ​​the window according to the area calculation formula.
  6. Tips: The data in this experience post is mainly for the purpose of operation demonstration. If you encounter problems, you can ask questions below.

The window does not open

If the window cannot be opened, it can be cleaned and sprayed with lubricant, and it should be cleaned frequently at ordinary times.

  • hammer
  • chisel
  • silicone lubricant

Check windows and clean

Check to see if the sash and window frame are sealed with paint. To remove the paint, first insert the blade of a hard putty knife or paint scraper into the joint and cut inwards. Tap the blade lightly with a hammer.Littlewoods Discount Code NHS

Spray lubricant

If the window still won’t open, check the track on the frame above the sash, which may be clogged with layers of paint. Use a hammer and chisel to carefully remove excess paint from the window rails. Sand the cleaned window rails smooth with a long slender abrasive block and then spray with silicone lubricant

Polished smooth

The window still won’t open most likely due to the paint on the bottom of the window rail. Hold a broken piece of wood against the sash, move the piece around the sash, tap the piece lightly to return the sash to the frame, clean the track and sand it smooth.

To clean up

The windows should be cleaned frequently, especially in the rainy season, which will cause problems such as track blockage and rusting of doors and windows. Therefore, pay attention to regular cleaning of the track during maintenance to ensure that there is no blockage of particles and dust, so as to avoid the accumulation of dust and become an obstacle when pushing and pulling

How to choose window film, what are the advantages of window film

I don’t know if you have installed window film on your windows. With the improvement of people’s requirements for the quality of life, many homes have installed window film. Today we will take a look at the functions of window film. When choosing window film, we need to pay attention which ones


  1. When we choose a window film, we should look at its light transmission and clarity. If the light transmission and clarity are not good, it will affect our sight, so the window film will not work.
  2. It also depends on the heat insulation performance. We paste window film to block ultraviolet rays. If the heat insulation performance of the window film is not good and the light is still strong, it will have no effect and waste money.
  3. In addition, the window film also has an explosion-proof function, which should also be considered. For a good-quality explosion-proof film, even if the glass is broken, the glass will stick to the explosion-proof film and will not splash everywhere, which plays a protective role Lakeland Furniture Discount Code NHS.
  4. Let’s take a look at the function of the window film. Some window films have a mosaic effect, which will not affect the line of sight after being pasted, and can also enhance the privacy of our room. Such a film can be attached to the window of the bathroom.
  5. The window film can also play a role in sun protection, which can block certain ultraviolet rays, so that the sunlight will not be very dazzling when it shines into the room, and it can also reduce the temperature in the room, especially in summer.
  6. Window film can block ultraviolet rays, especially for home furniture. Blocking ultraviolet rays, effectively reducing the damage of ultraviolet rays to furniture.
  7. In addition, some window films have certain patterns on them, which can play a decorative role.

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