What are the Healthy Foods for Your Kidneys?

Kidneys are one of the most important organs of us as it is necessary for the production of urine and the elimination of salts and cancerous substances away from the body. Diseases of the kidneys are known to affect half per cent of the world’s population.

Given below are some of the key functions of kidneys that you should know:

  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Balance of fluids in the body or fluid retention
  • Production of urine
  • Filtration of the waste products
  • Hormone production

Various diseases can lead to kidney damage such as diabetes and high blood pressure. But certain lifestyle choices such as

  • Smoking
  • Severe weight gain
  • Genetics 
  • Gender
  • Age

Are also known to increase the risk factor of kidney diseases up to many folds. If your doctor suspects any sort of issue with your kidneys they might recommend you a urine culture test. Make sure to ask your doctor about the urine culture test price.

Best Foods for Kidneys

Wondering about what are the best food options for your kidney health. We have got you covered in these instances.


Let us start with a vegetable. Cauliflower is a famous and fan favorite food that has been used in various food options. You use it for salads and cook it because of its high nutritional value. Some of the common nutrients that are present in cauliflower are listed below as:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B
  • Folate

In addition to these vitamins, cauliflower is also enriched in anti-inflammatory compounds such as indoles and is loaded with fibers.

If you are not a fan of potatoes, you can make good use of mashed cauliflower as it will suffice as the perfect potassium-rich side.

A cup of cauliflower is known to boost the following minerals:

  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Sodium

Red Grapes

Red grapes are not only a delicious summer fruit but also the perfect way to boost your kidney health. They are known to be enriched with nutrients and vitamins as well as several antioxidants.

These fruits are loaded with resveratrol. It is a specific type of flavonoid that is known to boost your cardiac health and also boosts your immunity levels. High immunity levels help with diabetes protection and cognitive function decline in the later stages of life.

Half a cup of red grapes is enough to provide you with the necessary vitamins which can help with kidney health. 

Red grapes are also rich in vitamin C and contain a stable amount of flavonoids which can reduce inflammation. 


Garlic is not just a mere herb to boost up the taste of your dishes but is also a stable way to increase the amount of sodium in your bloodstream without the addition of salt.

In addition to salt, garlic is also a rich source of 

  • Manganese
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Sulfur compounds

All of these compounds are known to boost the level of immunity thanks to their antioxidant properties.

Therefore make sure to give extra importance to garlic for better health.

Bell Peppers

You can also rely on bell peppers. Bell peers are one of the most colourful vegetables to exist. They are enriched with vitamin C which is one of the most important antioxidants. 

According to the top urologist in Lahore, bell peppers are also known to boost the levels of vitamin A in the blood. Vitamin A is necessary not only for kidneys but also for better immune function.


Reducing the levels of salts and hence sodium can be a tough task especially when one is a sucker for good food. That is when onions come to play their role in the story. You can saute onion and garlic to provide a unique flavour to your dish without compromising your health status and sodium levels.

In addition to all this, onions are also loaded with vitamin C, manganese and Vitamin B. All this and prebiotic fibre are known to provide digestive health intact by actually providing food to the bacteria in the gut. 


Pineapples are a classic tropical fruit that is loved and adored by all. It is high in potassium. Pineapple’s nutritional profile also makes it one of the best candidates for better kidney health and for improvement in overall well-being. 

Furthermore, pineapple is also known to boost up the level of the given below minerals such as:

  • Fibre
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin C
  • Bromelain

Bromelain is a known enzyme that helps in reducing inflammation. From sodium to phosphorus, pineapple is a healthy fruit that you need to add to your diet especially if you are looking to improve your kidney health.

The Bottom Line

Kidneys are small bean-shaped organs that are necessary for overall body maintenance and health. Therefore make sure to keep the above-mentioned food options in mind. Drink a lot of water and also consult a doctor if you have further queries.


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