Tourist Attractions in Kintamani

Tourist Attractions in Kintamani – Kintamani is the name of a sub-district in Bangli district which is in a mountainous area with cool air during the day. For those who are bored with beach tourism with hot air, try occasionally stopping by Kintamani to change the air, of course your vacation experience will become more diverse.

The Kintamani area has a very large area, even the sub-district that has the largest area in Bangli district. Comparable to the vast area, Kintamani certainly has a lot of tourist destinations, ranging from the charm of green mountains, blue lakes, and the charm of the beauty of the sunrise. So, if you want to enjoy the sensation of a vacation to Kintamani, here Vacation Indonesia shares some tourist attractions in Kintamani that must be visited.

Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Kintamani

1. Penelokan Kintamani

Penelokan is the first place you must visit if you go to Kintamani. Not only does it offer enchanting natural scenery, its location is also very strategic, which is on the edge of the main Bangli-Singaraja route. So if you are on vacation to Kintamani, you will definitely find or go through the Penelokan tourist attraction. From the side of the road that has been provided a place to hang out, visitors can see Lake Batur with its towering Mount Batur. Visitors can also see the houses on the banks of Lake Batur. This place is a very popular spot for just taking pictures with friends, family and even taking selfies.

2. Hideaway Glamping Kintamani

Did you know that Hideaway Glamping Kintamani is not just a site for glamping, but also a place for sustainable tourism? This one-of-a-kind glamping site is dedicated to keeping the area’s natural beauty and promoting the culture and way of life of the local people.

Hideaway Glamping Kintamani does this in part by doing things that are good for the environment. The site uses renewable energy sources like solar panels and hydro power. Its water treatment system recycles and reuses grey water for irrigation. The glamping site buys fresh food from nearby farms to support local farmers. This cuts down on the carbon footprint of transportation and helps the local economy.

Hideaway Glamping Kintamani offers cultural activities and workshops. Guests can learn about traditional Balinese music and dance and take part in workshops on making Balinese offerings, batik painting, and cooking traditional Balinese dishes. By doing this, visitors can learn more about the local culture and help keep traditional crafts and practices alive.

3. Trunyan Tourist Village

If you’re enjoying Kintamani’s natural beauty from Penelokan tourist attractions and want to continue your adventure, head to the historic Trunyan tourist village. In this village, open burial is a very special tradition that is uncommon throughout Bali. People who have died have their bodies placed on the ground in a grave area called Seme Wayah.

To get to the location of the body laying, tourists must use the services of a jukung or speed boat which is located across Lake Batur. Visitors will experience a very upbeat view on the way to Seme Wayah. We can see the activities of local residents who are looking for fish in Lake Batur.

This tourist spot has been popular for a long time, it is not surprising that many tourists visit this place. Most of the tourists who come to this place are from other countries, which shows how interesting and unique it is. You’ll pay based on the rate and number of people using a jukung or speed boat. The more participants, the cheaper the cost will be. The administration suggests that visitors to the Trunyan tourist village travel in groups.

4. Lava Tumuli

The next place that must be visited is the Lava Tumuli Kintamani tourist spot. This place is very popular for taking pictures. Every day, tourists stop here for a few minutes just to take pictures, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Even this place is used for prewding photos, cool isn’t it. This area contains a swath of coral reefs created by frozen lava from Mount Batur. In between the rocks are overgrown with weeds that add to the beauty of the view here.

Among the lava tumuli  we have a clear view of Lake Batur and the two towering mountains, Batur and Abang. When visiting this place, be sure to wear shoes or other foot protection to prevent injuries to your feet from the very rough rocks.

5. Hot Springs

After enjoying the charm of the beautiful penelokan, the unique tourist village of Trunyan, and taking pictures at Tumuli lava, try stopping by to relax yourself in the hot springs in Kintamani. There are two hot spring locations here, Toya Bungkah hot spring and Toya Devasya hot spring. Foreign tourists who are vacationing in Kintamani or have climbed Mount Batur are the main visitors to this hot spring. The camping area is one of a kind and comes fully equipped.

Now that’s a must-visit place if you are on vacation to Kintamani. Hopefully it will be useful.

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