Top Project Management Software for SMB


There are millions of project management software programs on the market today, but none compare to our time-tested, user-friendly Project Planner. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the industry with our innovative approach to project management software and our commitment to making it easy for people just like you to get more out of their projects.

The search for the best project management system can be very daunting. There are hundreds of different solutions that do everything from collaboration to time tracking and more. If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your team’s tasks then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the top ten project management systems, along with a brief description of what each one is capable of.

Project Planner is an online project management software that emphasizes on collaboration more than Trello. Project Planner utilizes drag and drop features to build a workflow and the entire team can comment and track progress. Project Planner is not just a task manager but it is also a work tracker. The ability to create a to-do list, set deadlines, add resources, assign tasks to others, track hours spent and stay on top of every aspect of a project or team.

Project Planner is based on what we call “the three P’s”: People, Process and Product. We combine the best practices of human-centered design with a flexible workflow that you design yourself and a compatibility with every other file type out there to create the perfect environment in which you can get things done. Our dedication to streamlining your workflow so you can spend more time focusing on the task at hand is why we’re considered one of the best project management software programs available—and it’s also why we’ve been featured in USA Today, Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal.

The user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone who has ever used an email program or word processor to quickly grasp how Project Planner works. It’s also simple enough for those who have been working with project management software for years to appreciate the value of switching over because of the ease with which they can continue using their own familiar workflows from previous. 

Microsoft Project has been the go-to tool for project management for 20 years now, but there’s a new kid on the block and it’s called Project Planner. This newcomer is rapidly gaining attention by offering more usable features and less complexity than its predecessor. Project Planner It can be downloaded for free, but if you want to use it in a business environment, you’ll need to buy an annual subscription. Basically, it’s up to you whether you want to pay or not. 

The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. You can create projects quickly and easily without having to dig through a lot of complicated menus or settings. There’s an integrated collaboration feature that makes sharing the details of your project with others a snap. You can track tasks by using different colors and symbols, which makes it much easier to keep up with what’s happening where and who’s doing what. You can add attachments to your tasks, which is incredibly helpful for providing extra information about certain components of your project.


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