Top 6 Qualities You Should Look for While Choosing a Centrifuge Service Provider

It serves different purposes and comes in varied sizes. It is an essential device for all laboratories. Regular centrifuge calibration is the key to an up-and-running centrifuge device. Are professionals and experts taking care of your device? You must give due consideration while choosing a centrifuge service provider.

Several service providers are present, but not everyone has the required experience or possesses industry knowledge. This blog outlines the essential qualities of a centrifuge service provider.

Top Must have Qualities in A Centrifuge Service Provider

Do not compromise when it comes to these 6 qualities in a centrifuge calibration service provider.


A good service provider has technicians on board with the required expertise. One can only gain sufficient knowledge by working on-field and servicing different types of devices. When hiring a centrifuge service provider, ask them the following questions:

  • How many years of total work experience do their technicians possess?
  • How many years have they spent working on-field?
  • What kind of different devices have they serviced so far?
  • Are there any references available to cross-check their service quality?

Do not shy away from asking these questions. Of course, you are handing over your expensive devices, so a bit of skepticism is acceptable.

Response Time

What if your centrifuge breaks down in the middle of the operation? What if you need an emergency centrifuge calibration or maintenance? Will your service provider be able to fix it in time?

The response time is crucial. A service provider who values its customers will offer you a quick response time. Thus, hiring a local calibration service provider pays well. They can reach out to you and fix the problems in minutes instead of days. Discuss with your potential service provider the response time for emergency breakouts and regular maintenance.

Location Of the Service Provider

Whether hiring a local service provider or an online one is crucial. Local service providers offer a better response time, without a doubt. However, online service providers can also offer you the same if their engineer is located nearby. Discuss the location of their engineers. It will be helpful for both of you. It will cut down travel costs and reduce response time. Also, learn the emergency engineer’s location in case of scheduled staff unavailability.

Quality Of the Work

Every service provider promises the moon and the stars, but only a few of them actually deliver what they promise. But the quality of work must be checked. Hiring a good centrifuge service provider will take time and effort as well. So, before you approach one, do your homework. Learn about their reputation in the industry, ask a friend about their work, or find references from previous clients if you can. Quality service providers offer you references beforehand without any qualms. So, invest some time in due diligence to keep your equipment safe and running for the long future.

Availability Of Parts

What if your device breaks out and you need replacement parts? Will your service provider be able to replace them in time? When hiring a centrifuge service provider, ask them whether they have a stock of spare parts or if they source it from a vendor. In both cases, they must be able to send them in a reasonable time.


Lab equipment are crucial instruments, and they are manufactured adhering to international quality standards. Therefore, only an accredited manufacturer should be trusted when buying lab equipment. The same goes for centrifuge service providers. You should only hire an accredited one.

In the USA, the accreditation body is the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). Before hiring, ascertain whether the service provider is accredited and check the list of devices they can calibrate.


It is an additional one, but it is very important. Some service providers charge a very less fee, while others charge an insane amount. It does not mean that the one charging less has quality issues, and the one charging high will guarantee quality. You must check the above-mentioned 6 qualities before comparing their prices. Beware of the skimming strategy, and don’t fall into the trap of a lesser fee.

Final Words

A service provider who is experienced, has a quick response time, charges reasonably, is duly accredited, is committed to quality, and has a good reputation in the market is the one you can hire for centrifuge calibration and other services.


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