Salicylic Acid Benefits for skin and its advantages

We live in a world full of chemicals.


Whatever is around us is chemical in the language of chemistry. But some chemicals are very special. We do not know about their presence, but they are of great use.


In today’s world, problems related to acne and skin care are extremely common. We also know that once the skin problem occurs, it is not easily cured. Usually, it takes a few weeks to a few months and even years for these problems to be fixed.


Skin is the largest and most important part of our body. Our skin protects all the internal organs present in the body by covering them from outside. Our skin protects itself from the pollution and harmful UV rays present in the environment.


We use a variety of skin care products to protect against skin infections. Certain types of chemicals are used in making these products. These chemicals work effectively in removing the problem of skin.


One such chemical is salicylic acid. This is a very special chemical which is mostly used in the manufacture of skin care products. Skin problems like acne and dark spots can be effectively removed with the use of salicylic acid.


That’s why I spoke to Garima Singh, Research & Development Manager, MensXP Mud, for more information on salicylic acid. Garima has told me, what is salicylic acid? Apart from this, information is also given about skin care and how to use salicylic acid to remove skin problems.


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Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid. Salicylic acid is known to reduce acne and unclog pores by scrubbing or exfoliating the skin.


Salicylic acid is the main ingredient of most of the skin care medicines available in the market. Many doctors also recommend taking medicines made from salicylic acid.


Salicylic acid gives best results mainly in mild acne, blackheads and whiteheads. This can also prevent this problem from happening in the future.


Blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples often appear when your pores or skin pores become plugged or clogged with dead skin cells and oil or sebum.


Salicylic acid penetrates your skin and works to remove dead skin cells by clogging your pores. You may have to use it for several weeks to see its full effect.


If you’re still not getting results after 6 weeks, talk to your dermatologist.


Your doctor or dermatologist may recommend a form and dosage of salicylic acid after examining your skin type and problem. The doctor may also recommend a patch test for the first few days to test only in severe cases.


According to the Mayo Clinic, salicylic acid can be used in the following percentages, forms, and times to treat acne or skin problems.


Products containing higher amounts of salicylic acid are used as exfoliants or scrubs. High concentration amounts of salicylic acid are also used in peeling agent treatments. These treatments



acne scars

edge spots


etc. to solve the problem.


Although salicylic acid is considered completely safe, it can irritate the skin the first time you use it. It can remove too much sebum from the skin, due to which there may be problems of dryness and irritation in the skin.


Other potential side effects include:


tingling or stinging in the skin


flaking of the skin

hives or hives

Before Using Salicylic Acid


Even though salicylic acid is readily available, you can also buy it from your local medical store, but you should talk to your doctor before using it.


If you experience any problems after using salicylic acid, you should immediately consult a doctor. in



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