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This article compares Revolution EHR vs Liquid EHR, two promising and well-regarded optometry EHR systems. We thoroughly examined the programs’ advantages, pricing, and strengths to find out how they differed and which platform may best meet your health requirements. So, let’s get into this detailed review of RevolutionEHR vs Liquid EHR.


RevolutionEHR is a growing cloud-based solution that meets the requirements of businesses serving opticians and optometrists. With its broad range of abilities, including medical billing, electronic health records, healthcare administration, etc., practice management software optimizes business-related processes for practitioners.

Patients who use Revolution EHR have access to a personal health history that includes vital details, billing, visits, and medicines. Patients may contact their doctors, get payment reminders, keep track of appointments, and compile their prescription history thanks to Revolution EHR features like personal health records.

Revolution EHR excludes most of the paperwork for doctors’ businesses to run smoothly. The platform enables Doctors of Optometry to address IT-related problems and concentrate more on their practice. RevolutionEHR allows customers to arrange their patients digitally and is particularly suited for small and midsize clinics, specialized groups, and corporate affiliations.

Along with appointment scheduling and reminders, users may also examine order status, payment history, and the entire practice contact details on Mac, PC, or iPad gadgets. RevolutionEHR provides a combination of scheduling, budgeting, patient list building, product/service categorization, documentation, and reporting tools for practice management.

Liquid EHR

Liquid EHR brings forward smooth and upgraded tools, such as billing, tracking patient records, and scheduling appointments are all accessible. Among the features available to Liquid EHR users are a single e-prescribing framework, compliance management features, recordkeeping, an email list manager, and testing data that can be tailored to their requirements. A store of previous IOP readings, a selection of design tools, an integrated eye chart, and a framework for arranging images are just a few of the features of this program that can enhance your healthcare activities.

Healthcare practitioners using Liquid EHR have access to capabilities including recalls, patient monitoring, allergy detection, complaint records, vital signs, medication guidelines, learning resources, and much more in relation to seamlessly submitting liability insurance. The Liquid EHR allows users to enter test results, look at patient reports, and inform patients, among other things. Additionally, provided are network access, encryptions, and compliance audits.

By giving customers the tools, Liquid EHR can improve workflow, boost output, track patient health, and boost revenue; Liquid EHR aims to strengthen frameworks for eye care.

RevolutionEHR vs Liquid EHR Advantages

RevolutionEHR Advantages

  • Practice management is made more accessible by using RevolutionEHR to streamline recordkeeping and administrative activities. The management of patient medical records is made simpler by its interactive scheduler, diagnostic imaging integrations, and automated identification and surveying.
  • By securely obtaining health data before appointments, RevolutionEHR decreases the time consumed on administrative activities during consultations. To send, receive, and save supporting documentation digitally as well as to establish automated reminders for incomplete forms, it also personalizes documents for particular appointment kinds, users, or insurance providers according to individual choices.
  • The integrated PM component in RevolutionEHR will improve the practice’s efficiency in both financial and managerial areas. Office managers may simply manage internal activities, book appointments, recall patients, create patient lists, examine insurance details, monitor patient flow, monitor facilities, and obtain reports on staff and practice effectiveness as well as scheduling data.
  • Using messaging services that are secure and HIPAA-compliant, you can connect with healthcare providers. When exchanging patient medical records straight from the EHR, it follows the Direct Protocol. The RevolutionEHR patient portal and communication features improve the efficiency with which patients and doctors may share and discuss health information.

Liquid EHR Advantages

  • Due to its robust e-prescribing technology, which speeds up the online distribution of prescriptions, Liquid EHR stands apart from the competition. The software allows pharmacists to instantly see a patient’s prescription history, enabling them to avoid potential allergic medications.
  • Liquid EHR simplifies the process for patients to receive excellent care without breaching privacy and security, thanks to its telehealth functionalities. Liquid EHR assists hospitals and doctors in reducing costs, boosting revenue, and streamlining operations by enabling the scheduling and provision of digital treatment options from anywhere, independent of place or infrastructure.
  • By giving users access to technologies for streamlining procedures, boosting output, tracking patient progress, and increasing income, Liquid EHR seeks to improve existing eye care systems.
  • A robust patient scheduler is another feature of Liquid EHR that can help optometry offices manage patient appointments. Medical personnel can monitor and amend patient records, schedule appointments, find out which physicians are present, and set automated alerts in relation to maintaining and controlling patient scheduling.

RevolutionEHR vs Liquid EHR Reviews

Revolution EHR Reviews

Revolution EHR reviews praise the system for various factors, enabling users to manage their vital records and prepare and send notes for their patients. Users also value communicating with their patients and advertising their clinic in print and digital media. Additionally, record management and integrations are cited as two of RevolutionEHR’s top features in many reviews. Reviews show that the RevolutionEHR has a steep learning curve, though.

Liquid EHR Reviews

Liquid EHR has received appreciation from users for enabling better care delivery, especially by optometry staff. So, Liquid EHR reviews concur that the uncomplicated system’s optometry-specific functionalities make diagnosing and treating patients simpler. However, customers have suggested that the program may be enhanced by including a printing option for information gathered in optical laboratories.

RevolutionEHR vs Liquid EHR Pricing

RevolutionEHR Cost

The RevolutionEHR costs $385 each month beginning with the first doctor, $275 for each doctor after that, $165 per doctor after that, and an extra $110 per additional doctor each month. You can also go for its $5,988 one-time setup cost package. However, Revolution EHR also comes with a database conversion fee; for further information about pricing tools, reach out to a vendor, such as Software Finder.

Liquid EHR Cost

The Liquid EHR starts at $199 per practitioner each month. Customers interested in acquiring Liquid EHR should contact the vendor for information on potential package options and a personalized price list. To gain a comprehensive grasp of the platform’s functionalities, the supplier also offers a demo of Liquid EHR.

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