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Open House Promotion Ideas: Discover which ones you’ve been avoiding

You’ll need to do more than just a basic email blast and newspaper ad to effectively promote open houses for your exclusive listings. In fact, there are several additional real estate marketing strategies. You ought to focus on and use it to raise awareness of the upcoming showings you’ll host. Which are likely to attract a lot of walk-in business and spark a lot of interest in your listings. See which of the innovative offline and online marketing strategies listed from the Open House Promotion Ideas: Discover which ones you’ve been avoiding can help you make the most of the open houses for your listings by attracting a lot of attention and traffic.

Open house blog post with lots of pictures that highlights the listing.

One of the best time investments for marketing is blogging. To increase attendance at your listing showing, you can write a real estate blog post about it in just 20 minutes (yes, it is possible). In the post, you can explain what makes the property great. This is one of the easiest lead generation tasks you can complete.

For your open house listing, create a single property website that highlights its features.

For good reason, listing agents for high-profile sellers frequently want to maximize the exposure of those homes. If you typically sell homes for under $250,000, for example, and you land a seller client whose home is valued at $500,000 or more, it is obvious that you need to invest more time, money, and energy into marketing the expensive listing than you have in the past.

One of the best ways to promote this kind of property as much as possible is to create a special listing page just for it. Single property sites enable you to concentrate solely on (you guessed it) one of your listings and elaborate on the property’s details for prospective buyer leads. For example, a map highlighting popular establishments and highly regarded schools nearby, as well as more information on particular room types and amenities at the property (e.g. laundry room, balcony, office, backyard, etc.)

Post numerous images and videos to social media every day that showcase your real estate listing to its best advantage.

There are numerous ways to use multimedia on social media to advertise your open house, including pictures and videos that showcase your listing’s many best qualities. Whether it’s through Facebook albums, Instagram tours, Twitter event updates, or even Pinterest boards to highlight the best of the home and neighborhood also consider these Open House Flyer Templates from PhotoADKing. which eliminates hassles from your daily tasks and is simple to edit.

To encourage buyer leads to attend upcoming open houses, make a video montage of previous ones you’ve held.

It’s essential to update the content on your real estate website regularly. No, that does not entail that you must spend half of each day glued to a computer screen. However, it does imply that you should use your time wisely to create content that will resonate with the appropriate audience. This is something you can easily do with effective real estate video marketing.

Make a collection of all the open house and listings showing collateral you capture, such as property tour footage, exterior shots of the listings, client interaction videos, collateral and giveaway footage, and the like. Edit this into a longer video as one of your major branding assets to share on your homepage and other pages of your website to promote all of your open houses and show what it’s like to tour your listings with you as the sales representative.

Advertise your open house promotion ideas using Google AdWords and Facebook — just be sure to target local buyers.

AdWords, Facebook, and other platforms and social networks offer advertisers an astounding array of targeting options. You can target potential buyers for your listings on Facebook. For example, by age, location, gender, interests, behavior, and even connections (who better to sell to than a friend of a friend?). All of this translates into a fantastic avenue for your agency’s advertising.  The top way to promote your open houses.

Before launching your event promotion ads, take a look at these tutorials. To make the ad creation and targeting processes simpler. Several guides can give you advertising insights for Facebook. How to launch your AdWords strategy, so check those out as well. For many agents, wasting valuable marketing budget on ads that won’t receive any clicks (or at least not from the intended demographic) is their biggest fear.

Work with professionals in public relations and local publications to promote your open houses in the local real estate market.

However, it doesn’t hurt to cover all your bases with your open house promotion. Utilizing well-known newspapers, magazines, news stations, and other outlets in your market. While you shouldn’t rely solely on conventional advertising techniques like print ads and press releases to garner the kind of attention needed to move the needle for your business. You might occasionally even hire public relations experts to offer advice on how to market your business.

Start by reaching out to publishers and PR experts, developing relationships with them, and outlining your marketing objectives. From there, you can decide which print and online media are most effective. Which PR professional has the best advertising strategy for drawing large crowds to your open house? It’s okay to occasionally let others help your digital presence and brand awareness efforts (as long as it’s within budget). Because you’re an agent and time is a highly valued commodity. Think of this promotional endeavor as taking a more off-hand approach.

Send an email notifying buyer’s agents in your area who have clients looking for homes about your open house.

It’s important to establish relationships with a variety of other agents in your market, including buyer’s agents who might have clients looking for a listing similar to yours. Of course, relationship-building doesn’t stop with members of the local press and bloggers.

Send out weekly emails that include the dates of your upcoming open houses. As well as key details about the listing(s) in question, such as list price, square footage, and days on market. And (if applicable) the sellers’ propensity to haggle and accept concessions in order to sell their homes. This last point frequently piques the interest of buyer’s agents representing clients. Who are prepared to reach an agreement at (or very close to) the middle and avoid engaging in protracted negotiations with sellers.

Before the open house, create a special virtual tour of the listing.

The number of businesses offering cutting-edge 3D imaging technology for real estate agents and brokers. That can add another dimension — both literally and figuratively — to their listing. Open house promotion is growing, from Matterport to Floored. One of these 3D virtual tours can be created for your featured listings and posted to your website. Keep in mind that these cutting-edge visuals can also be useful during in-person tours.

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The cool thing about many of these imaging platforms though. That they provide an even clearer picture of everything. Included with the property and enable visitors to get more in-depth information. From architectural blueprints of the property to pictures demonstrating. How a home could look with various furnishing setups, can be extremely helpful for open house promotion ideas.


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