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For exploration devotees, a Leh Ladakh Bike Tour is the definitive terminus for an excellent motor biking experience. Travelling through the ‘Land of High Passes’ and undergoing through the breath-taking prettiness of the location is something that can undeniably not be expressed. In addition to all this, taking a bike tour to Ladakh is not an effortless task. It needs an excessive sum of mental and physical planning. Following are some tips to obey before scheduling a Leh Ladakh Bike Tour. 

Tips for scheduling a Leh Ladakh Bike Tour

Weather conditions

The best time to visit the location is from June to September to take a Leh Ladakh bike Tour. If you choose to take a trip during this time you will get the chance to cross through numerous passes which are usually open in this time. While, there are travellers who have selected to start a trip during rainy season and winter it certainly has made their expedition tougher than normal.

Selecting a Bike

The next vital thing that you require to realize is selecting the right bike for your Leh Ladakh Bike Tour as you will be travelling on some of the most hazardous roads in India. Choose a bike that does not conciliate your security and is the greatest fitting for the roads of Leh Ladakh. A few of the finest bikes that you can select for your Leh Ladakh Tour include:

Royal Enfield (350cc and above), Royal Enfield Himalayan, CBR 250 etc.

Biking Kit & Equipment

After selecting the right bike, it is time to select the important biking apparatuses and parts that you require to bring in case of any interruption. These parts include:

Extra Key of the Bike, Chain Lock, Tyre, Bungee Cords, Clutch, Accelerator Cable. Additional Chain Lubricant, Superfluous Engine Oil, Spare Headlamp Bulb, Spare Tire Tube

Transporting these things will guarantee that you are fully prepared. Apart from these, you will also require some defensive equipment for your protection such as:

Helmet, Knee & Elbow Protectors, Water-resistant gloves, decent pair of Shoes, Riding jacket and Sunglasses

Make certain that your bike is checked well earlier before the trip. 


Familiarise to prevent from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Adaptation is one of the most vital things every rider needs to do beforehand making your Leh Ladakh bike Tour plan as it is located at very high elevations. It is recommended that you must rest for as a minimum 2 days after you get to Leh. After relaxing, make it a point to gradually begin your trip as your body adapts to the height and get used to. As well as make certain that you drink sufficient water but do not exaggerate it as it can also create your health to fall off. Also, do not overlook to carry your medications to avoid AMS.


Choosing the best itinerary

There are 2 main itineraries that you can take to arrive at Leh. The most prevalent one is via the Manali to Leh bike trip on the Manali-leh highway whereas the another one takes you via Srinagar to Sarchi and Upshi, which is believed to be less problematic and is favoured by many riders as well. Following are these two main itineraries in specially for the riders taking the Leh Ladakh bike tour from Delhi.

Route 1 with an overall distance of about 2300 kilometres from Delhi to Srinagar to Leh and back. Route 2 with an entire distance of about 2000 kilometres from Delhi to Manali to Leh and back.


Authorisations & Passes

For your Leh Ladakh bike tour, you require to have with you Rohtang Pass Authorization for visiting Rohtang La and if you are scheduling to take a Leh Ladakh bike tour then you need to obtain Inner Line Permit (ILP). This travel document allotted by the Government of India permits you to travel to the areas such as Nubra valley, Khardung La, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri, Dah and Hanu Villages, Turtuk, Tyakshi etc.


Carrying Hard cash

Make sure that you must bring enough sum of Hard cash with you as there are very specific places where you can locate ATMs. 


Bringing Fuel

Make certain to bring extra fuel with you with the purpose of avoiding any troublesome.



Only a few mobile network service providers function in Ladakh, make sure that you have the veracious one to facilitate that you can update your nearest and dearest every now and then. 


Budget of your Tour

Make certain that you plan your Trip sensibly as the complete cost of your Leh Ladakh bike tour hinges on a set of factors for instance your selection of a bike, foodstuff, accommodation, and length of your vacation. Do not overlook to take in the price of any unexpected problems that may ascend. 

As soon as you have fabricated your mind to take the Leh Ladakh bike Tour make sure to confirm climate, your health condition, kit and apparatus, and all the other above-stated necessities while scheduling your journey.

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