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Leh Ladakh is a dream destination for adventure seekers and cyclists. This Himalayan region in Jammu and Kashmir is known for its rugged landscapes, scenic mountains and stunning lakes. It’s a popular place for bike tours, where riders can experience the thrill of riding  the  highest highway in the world. In this article, Leh Ladakh his bike, his tour, his package cost and itinerary. 



A typical Leh Ladakh Tour Packages is 8-10 days depending on the tour operator. The tour usually starts in Delhi where the driver meets and heads to Manali. Riders from Manali enter Lahore Valley and Leh Manali on the  highway. 

Leh Ladakh is a land of high passes, scenic landscapes and Buddhist culture. This remote region of northern India is a dream destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers. One of the best ways to explore this rugged terrain is by bicycle. In this article, we will discuss the  Leh Ladakh Bike Tour Package cost and itinerary. 


Leh Ladakh Bike Tour Package Price

Leh Ladakh Bike Tour Package price depends on many factors such as tour duration, type of bike, accommodation, meals and places to visit. On average, a 10-day bike tour package costs INR 30,000-50,000 per person. Costs may increase or decrease due to season, bike type  and other factors. 


Leh’s Itinerary  Ladakh Cycling Tour Package

Day 1 Obtaining Leh When you arrive at

 Leh, he will check into the hotel and rest for a day to acclimate to the  altitude. In the evening, explore the local market and  Shanti his stupa. 


Day 2: Leh to Nubra Valley 

 After breakfast, drive to Nubra Valley via Khardung La Paz, the highest motorized pass in the world. 


Day 3: Nubra Valley to Pangongtso 

 After breakfast drive to Lake Pangongtso via Shok River.


Day 4: Pangong Tso to Leh 

 En route, visit  Hemis Abbey and  Shey Palace. Overnight  in Leh. 


Day 5: Leh to Kargil 

 After breakfast, start the journey to Kargil. Along the way, visit  Magnetic Hill, Patar Sahib Gurdwara, and  Lamayuru Monastery. Overnight  in Kargil. 


Day 6: Kargil to Srinagar 

 After breakfast, I drove to Srinagar. En route, visit the Dolas War Memorial and the Zojila Pass. Overnight  in Srinagar. 


Day 7: Srinagar Sightseeing  

 Explore the beautiful city of Srinagar, visit the Mughal Gardens and ride a shikara at Dal Lake. 


Day 8: Srinagar to Gulmarg 

 After breakfast, drive to Gulmarg, a famous Himalayan ski resort. Enjoy  breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains and a gondola ride. 


Day 9: Gulmarg to Pahalgam 

 After breakfast drive to Pahalgam, a picturesque town in the Himalayas. Visit Betav Gorge and enjoy beautiful views of the city. 


Best time to travel to Leh Ladakh:

The best time to travel to Leh Ladakh is from June to September when the weather is nice and  roads are open. However, it is important to note that the area is prone to landslides and roadblocks during the monsoon season. 


Types of Bikes:

The most popular bikes for bike tours in Leh Ladakh  are Royal Enfield, Himalayan and KTM. Choosing a bike that is comfortable, reliable and well-maintained is important. 



 Leh Ladakh is  at  high altitude and proper acclimatization is important  to avoid altitude sickness. It is recommended to spend at least 2 days in Leh, stay hydrated and avoid alcohol and tobacco before starting your bike tour. 



Some areas of Leh Ladakh require permits for tourists. It is important to obtain any necessary permits in advance from the authorities or  a reputable tour operator. 



Leh Ladakh is a remote and harsh area and safety is a priority during your cycling tour. We recommend wearing protective gear such as helmets, gloves and knee pads and following traffic rules and guidelines.

 Leh Ladakh Bike Tour Package is an exciting and adventurous way to explore this rugged terrain. Tour costs and itineraries may vary depending on a number of factors. It is important to choose a reliable tour operator and plan your tour well in advance. With proper planning, a bike tour in Leh Ladakh  can be an unforgettable experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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