Is Snapchat Good for Business?

In recent years, Snapchat has risen to popularity as one of the top social media platforms out there. It become quickly one of the leading apps amongst millennials and young adults everywhere. How does this new platform stand up in comparison to the other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter? Is it worth using for your business? In this article, we’ll examine some of the benefits of using Snapchat for business. And provide some tips to help you use it more effectively to reach your target audience.

Choosing the right kind of account

If you’re looking to start using Snapchat as a business tool, you first need to decide what kind of account you want. There are two types of accounts. The first one is a personal account and the second one is branded account. Both will allow you to connect with others on Snapchat, but that’s where the similarities end. A personal account is just that—it includes your name or some other easily identifiable characteristic like a photo of your face or a recognizable logo. A branded account connects people with a brand by sharing promotional content rather than stories about an individual owner’s life.

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If you’re using Snapchat to promote a brand, like a store or a restaurant, then you should create a branded account.  You’ll be able to upload and share content with ease but may not have as much control over how it looks. If you want an easier-to-maintain account that looks professional and clean, branded accounts are for you. If you don’t have an existing platform where people can learn more about your business and what it does, however, creating a personal account may be best.
It will look similar to a branded account—with a username and bio—but it won’t include links out to other profiles. Instead, you can use your story section to tell followers about yourself, your interests, and why they should follow you on Snapchat. This kind of account gives you more freedom when uploading snaps because they don’t need to fit into any specific theme. Personal accounts are also useful if you want to keep things separate from other social media platforms. So that followers of one aren’t confused by photos from another. If possible, try both kinds of accounts out before deciding which works best for your brand’s needs!

Overcoming your fears

If you’re looking to build a loyal community of customers on Snapchat, then chances are you have a product or service that will be well received. However, launching a business on any social platform can feel daunting, but if you’re willing to face your fears and do what needs to be done to build a successful following of loyal customers on Snapchat, then it may just become one of your favorite platforms. As soon as you feel confident enough about your experience with social media marketing in general. Now it is the time to think about moving forward with your plan. Keep reading to find out why Snapchat is one of our top 10 picks.

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A few reasons that make us feel confident about your decision to start using Snapchat. It has a daily active user base of more than 100 million people. The engagement of people is pretty impressive with video posts receiving an average of 3 seconds per view. Many brands have already started utilizing their marketing potential by taking advantage of relevant filters and stories, which you can use too to give your business added exposure.
In conclusion – Final Paragraph: There’s no doubt in our minds that now is a good time to begin building a loyal following on Snapchat.

How to create great stories

It might seem like a waste of time to spend 15 seconds in front of your phone screen (especially when you’re sitting in a meeting). But taking that short amount of time to create a story may be one of your best efforts at leveraging Snapchat. The less effort, though, does require some strategy and forethought. Here are our tips on creating great stories I always make sure I have my business logo saved somewhere on my device so I can easily add it to my Snapchat story. Having a logo saved is important because it makes your brand look more professional. and adds legitimacy to your account. You can save it as an image or as a graphic design file depending on what type of file format you need.

Examples of brands using Snapchat well

Now and then, a social media platform comes along that is simple, easy to use, and quickly gains popularity. Right now, it’s Snapchat. Brands like Taco Bell and HBO are using it to push campaigns and engage audiences with unique content. For example, Taco Bell created a Live Story on Memorial Day showing off its latest product.

Snapchat is good for business

Although it’s relatively new on the social media scene, using Snapchat for business can be a very effective way to connect with clients. The main appeal of using Snapchat is that it gives businesses a chance to share visually appealing, fun, and personal stories. This makes your brand appear less formal and serious than traditional platforms like Twitter or Facebook. It allows people to get to know you better, which builds trust and loyalty. Your interactions aren’t as sterile as they would be through email or a phone call because you’re able to build a connection by sharing personal moments with your fans. And that connection creates brand loyalty in consumers—they feel like they know you. They trust you and they’re more likely to purchase from you.

Is snapchat good for business?


A common misconception with all new social media is that they’re useless and that you shouldn’t waste your time on them. The truth is that there are many benefits to using. As long as you use it correctly and take advantage of its features, it can benefit your business.

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