How to get an Indian passport for a child

How to get an Indian passport for a child

Who are minors ?

In the event that the candidate’s age is under 18 years, they are considered as minors in India, when they apply for the passport. According to the modified rules under the public authority of India, the candidates who are minors ought to likewise have his own passport and support of the candidate name on his dad’s visa is currently not generally allowed in india. minors will be given a 36 pages passport booklet .


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Apply process for minor passport :

For the minor’s visa the candidate’s dad or gatekeeper can apply for their passport, that implies the legitimate watchmen reserve the option to apply for the minor visa and the guardians ought to have the complement for the issuance of the minor’s passport. These all are legitimate boundation for the minor’s visa.


Presently we go to the internet based process for the minor’s passport in india :


For applying for the minor’s passport, follow the stepwise process :


  • Minors need to make a record on the ‘passport Seva Kendra’.
  • Here they are expected to make a login ID and visa for the record.
  • In the wake of going into the record, they need to fill the application structure here.
  • In the wake of filling the application structure, submit it, when you present this structure you need to make an instalment for this.


About the legitimacy of a minor’s visa, in India, 5 years legitimacy for a minor’s passport or until he achieves the age of 18 years whichever is prior.

In any case, assuming the minors age is between 15 years and 18 years might apply for the passport for the time of 10 years. However, it is critical to realise that the expenses that you pay during the cycle might contrast as indicated by what classification you have picked. According to the classification the charges for a minor’s passport for the time of 10 years will be higher than the minor’s visa with the legitimacy accomplishing his age of 18 years. Another thing ought to be realised is that a minor’s visa for the time of 10 years will be given solely after the police check.

Know the Payment modes to apply for the minor’s passport :

For the instalment, you click on view saved/submitted applications. presently you select the tab ‘pay and timetable arrangement’.

On the passport seva kendra online entryway, it utilises SBI instalment gateway.

 Assuming you go Tatkal, some sum you need to pay here through web-based strategy, and on the off chance that this Tatkal demand is acknowledged, the leftover sum will be paid in disconnected mode on the Visa Seva Kendra.

You additionally have other passages of instalment, as : Visa, Charge card, Web banking, SBI banks challan and SBI wallet instalment.


Presently to apply for the minor’s passport there are some qualification criterias you to follow.

Eligibility criteria for the Minor’s passport :

The required documents for the issuance of  minor’s passport may vary according the certain criterias such as :


  • Minors whose age is between 15 years and 18 years and want to get a passport for the period of 10 years.
  • Minors whose parents are seperated but they are not divorced.
  • if the Minors belong to J&K.
  • whose parents reside abroad.
  • if the minors belong to nagaland.
  • divorced parents
  • Minor whose parents are government employees.
  • single parent.
  • If the passport is applied by the legal guardians.

Required documents for the fresh passport of Minor :

There are a few eligibility criteria for the new visa for the minor who are younger than 18 years, it relies on which classes they have a place. As per the class, records are needed for the new visa of minors in india.


  • Between the age gathering of 15 years and 18 years : 1) present location confirmation, 2) date of birth verification,
  • For J&K and Nagaland, and the youngsters the 18 years old : present location and date of birth confirmation are required. According to annexure D, Minor’s announcement
  • Minor whose parent are the legal body representatives or PSU or government worker with the police check : Evidence of present location and birth authentication alongside the statement duplicate according to the annexure D. On the off chance that there be without the police check, two additional reports prerequisite are unique distinguishing proof declaration according to Annexure An and According to Annexure E there ought to be standard oath.
  • Youngsters whose parent(s) hold(s) a substantial passport with embraced companion name : Confirmation of date of birth and address, According to the Annexure D there be a statement duplicate, Both the parent or either the guardians , there be a verified copy of visa.
  • Whose guardians live abroad : Both the evidence of birth endorsement and address, According to the annexure D there be a statement duplicate, Reports required according to the annexure C,
  • Indians who embrace the Minors : Both the verification of address and birth endorsement, announcement duplicate according to the annexure D,
  • Foriegn guardians who took on the Minor : Verification of both the birth authentication and address, no protest declaration of CARA, there will be given the court request or announcement in the event of a lawful watchman.
  • Separated from guardians and the youngsters age is under 18 years : According to the annexure D there will be given a statement duplicate, both the confirmation of birth testament and address, and ensured duplicate of court for the kid care
  • Minors whose guardians are isolated yet not separated: evidence of guardians address and passing testament, statement duplicate according to the annexure C.
  • Minor with single parent: evidence of present location and the birthday testament, announcement duplicate Al’s per the annexure C.
  • Minors who are embraced for surrogacy : the two verifications of address and birthday testament, according to the annexure I, there ought to be statements duplicate.


Also, there are such criterias where the minor’s folks or legitimate gatekeepers need to present the reports for the Minor’s visa.


Here, there are certain criterias for various classifications of a minor’s passport : Expenses for the minor’s passport change with the chosen criterias. Since various criterias have various expenses for the passport, the candidates need to take note of the charges criterias for the minor’s visa.


In this blog thoroughly I depicted the cycle for minor’s visas and the necessary reports to be required so as per the above interaction candidates can apply for passport . We are very certain, all of you would grasp the previously mentioned process.


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