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Adjust the car seat to ensure your comfort while driving

By pushing the latch under the driver’s seat, you can move the seat forward or backward as required, and in the case of cars equipped with an electronic control unit, you can adjust the seat to suit you with the press of a button in automatic car.

How to use the foot pedal in automatic car?

Having only two pedals in a car with an automatic transmission sets it apart. The first pedal is placed on the right side and is the accelerator pedal that regulates the vehicle’s acceleration and stopping. The second brake pedal controls the deceleration and stopping of the vehicle, learn driving with automatic driving lessons. To be able to reach both pedals while driving, it is best to drive with the right foot.

Adjusting the mirrors in the car

As it is known, the car contains three mirrors, two of which are located on both sides of the car to allow you to see everything located on either side of the automatic car, and the third is for the rearview.

Understand the importance of the parking brake

The parking brake is a long lever between the two seats that are pulled up after the vehicle stops and before exiting so that it does not move when the driver gets off, automatic driving lesson Birmingham. It should be noted that the parking brake must be dropped before driving again for the vehicle to move.
You need to know about all traffic signs, their types, and their meanings.

Learn how to use an automatic transmission

The transmission is one of the main components of the car, and it is the part that controls its movement, whether forward or backward. It also controls its stability and the automatic car the transmission contains some letters in English, namely:

P: An abbreviation for the word Parking, and it is used when parking and locking the car in place, and it can also be operated from the P position.
R: This letter is short for the word Reverse, and it is used to reverse the car.
N: An abbreviation for the word Neutral, which is the neutral position, and the car can be operated in the N position. D: An abbreviation for the word Drive, and it is used to move the car forward, and through this mode, the car speed will be changed automatically, based on pressing the gas pedal to increase the speed, And control the car.

How to use the transmission

If the transmission is in a “P” position, you will not be able to move the car no matter how hard you press the accelerator pedal in Automatic car.
If your car’s transmission is set to the “N” dementia, the car will move when pushed backward or forwards, and as in the first case, the car will not move forwards or backward no matter how hard you press the accelerator pedal.

Or if the transmission has a “D” label, which is short for “drive,” the car will go forward as soon as you take your foot off the brake pedal, and vice versa if the gearbox has an “R” on it as soon as you take your foot off the brake pedal, the car will back off.

You have to know the function of car gauges

There is a special “meter” measuring device that shows the amount of gasoline inside the automatic car, and whether you need to put more, and another that tells you the speed at which you drive the car, and you can also know the number of revolutions that the engine cuts per minute. There are also special gauges that warn you if your car’s engine temperature is too low or too high.

Don’t take your feet off the brakes

This is because cars equipped with an automatic transmission move forward or backward without the need to press the accelerator pedal, so your foot must always be on the brake pedal.

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