Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6

Science is an essential subject that enables students to learn about nature, their immediate environment and how it functions. It is a subject that requires an in-depth understanding of various concepts and principles. Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 book is designed to help the students learn basic science concepts, according to the latest CBSE class 6 syllabus. 

About Lakhmir Singh Class 6 Book

The book is a highly comprehensive and informative study resource that covers a wide range of science concepts that students of class 6 need to learn as a part of the CBSE curriculum. It has been designed to make science easier, fun and engaging for students by including a wide variety of question types and using colourful diagrams and illustrations to explain scientific concepts.

The book is divided into 16 chapters, including major chapters such as plants, food components, body movements, living organisms, motion, garbage, electricity, and magnetism. The topics covered in each chapter are presented in simple language and written in a logical and easy-to-follow manner, with detailed explanations and multiple chapter-end questions.

Wide Variety of Questions

One of the most important features of the Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 book is the different types of questions it contains. The book includes objective-type, subjective-type, multiple-choice questions and several questions based on High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and activities. 

The range of questions is designed to comprehensively assess students’ learning abilities. Additionally, the book provides answers to all the questions at the end, making it even more useful to both students and teachers.

Concept-Based Activities

The book also includes activities at the end of each chapter that students can work on to deepen their understanding of the multiple concepts presented in each section. These activities are designed to be fun and engaging, and they help to reinforce the lessons taught in the book.

With a step-by-step explanation of each process and providing the reasons why the particular experiment is being conducted, a student gets a thorough understanding of the scientific test and what it teaches.

Some of the experiments in the book can be conducted at home with the parents so that the availability of a science lab does not limit students, and parents can take part in their child’s learning.

Colourful Pictures and Sketches

The Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 book contains numerous colourful pictures and sketches to accompany the theoretical explanations. These images and diagrams help students to understand the various scientific processes, appliances, procedures, and everyday situations involving principles of science. 

The visual aids make the concepts clear and help students to see how science is applied in real-life situations. This visual representation makes learning science more engaging and interesting for students.

Foundation for Advanced Science Learning

The Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 lays the foundation for learning basic science. It is designed to help students create a solid base for learning advanced science in their higher classes. The answers to the questions are prepared by experienced science mentors, which ensures the accuracy and precision of the answers. The students can revise these answers to prepare for exams. The answers are based on the latest Class 6 Science NCERT syllabus, making it suitable for all CBSE students. 

Designed by Subject Matter Experts

The Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 is designed by experts , which means that students do not require additional references from other sources. The book contains accurate information that is precisely written in a way that is easy to understand for a class 6 student. The explanations are designed to help students understand the concepts easily and effectively.

Why Use Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6?

It is an ideal book for students who want to develop a strong foundation in science and acquire a deep understanding of the subject. The book is an excellent resource for students who are preparing for their exams, as it covers all the important topics that are included in the NCERT syllabus for class 6. The answers provided in the book are based on the latest syllabus, and the explanations are detailed and to the point, making it easy for students to understand the concepts being taught.


Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 book is an excellent study material for class 6 students who want to quickly learn science and score good marks. The variety of questions, colourful pictures, detailed explanations and accurate answers make it a valuable resource for students. By referring to this book, students can acquire advanced study skills, which can help them excel in science and other subjects. 

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