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Curtain Rod Basics: Types of Curtain Rods & Hardware

Curtains serve a lot of purposes besides being a part of the home decor. Just like window blinds, they ensure privacy from the outside world, especially if the windows are see-through, and they also safeguard from the external elements. So, curtains are very important for your privacy and comfort. Considering this importance, the curtain rods that support the curtains must be durable and reliable structures. They shoucurtain rodsld also go well with the curtains and the rest of the room decor. 


Whether you are looking forward to adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom or revamping your living room, you should choose curtains and curtain rods carefully. To make the right choice of curtain rods, you should have a good understanding of the types available in the market and the hardware accessories that you can use to complement a unique style. 


Types of Curtain Rods


Broadly, there are three types of curtain rods:

  • Single Curtain Rods


This is the most common type of curtain rod. It features a single-mounted bar that rests on your window frame’s top. They are threaded through pockets, grommets or curtain rings of your curtains so that they can stay in place. 


Single curtain rods are your ideal choice for supporting light or medium weight sheers, curtains and more. They generally come with all the hardware needed for installation, including brackets, drywall anchors, finials, and screws.

  • Double Curtain Rods


Double curtain rods are gradually gaining more popularity among homeowners owing to the touch of elegance they are capable of adding to any space. In terms of design, they are very much similar to single curtain rods. The only difference is that they let you layer two curtain or drapery panels for a more dramatic and enhanced look. 


Homeowners usually layer using a sheer curtain first followed by a regular curtain over the top for blocking light. Double curtain rods are available as a pair of two rods. The back rod is a little shorter than the front rods. 

  • Tension Curtain Rods


Tension curtain rods are the ideal choice in places like condos where it is hard to drill holes. They don’t need any kind of drilling or tools. These extendable curtain rods are very easy to install and can be adjusted to fit the specific space. Further, they don’t leave behind any kind of damage. 


Whether you are looking for dividers to separate spaces or you want privacy, you can extend these in both height and width to suit your needs. Tension curtain rods can hold light or medium weight sheers and curtains. 


Curtain Rod Hardware


While curtain rods are hardware in themselves for installing curtains, there are several other hardware accessories that come with these rods. Here’s a listing of the common curtain rod hardware:

  • Curtain Rings


Also called eyelet rings or clip rings, curtain rings are circular in shape and have a loop. The pins of the curtains or sheers are suspended on these loops so that they can be hanged. These rings are the most popular choice and the best alternatives to the conventional curtain hooks. You can easily slide the rings over the rods and clip them to the drapery panel’s top. 

  • Curtain Tiebacks


Also called curtain holdbacks, these are used to hold the curtains in place. You can tie the curtains back using tiebacks to let light inside the room. Before buying them, make sure to measure your curtain so that you can choose tiebacks of the right size. 

  • Mounting Brackets


These are mounted on the ceiling (ceiling brackets) or wall (wall brackets) for suspending the rods. They could be single or double brackets depending on whether you want to install a single rod or double rods. If the curtain rods are too long, then centre brackets are also used to provide support in the centre. 

  • Finials


Finials are a design element to add a decorative finishing on either side of the rod. This also helps in preventing the clip rings from slipping. 


Now that you have a good idea of the various types of curtain rods and hardware, go ahead with your shopping. Do a thorough research online to find out what is available, compare the prices and features before making a final choice.


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