Do you believe that Cristiano Ronaldo will bring Manchester United to Old Trafford? I do not believe it because there is no possibility of returning to him how to get rid of it. If he returns, he will sell his magnificent UK mansion and find a new place to stay.

Although it is known that Ronaldo is currently playing in Saudi Arabia, reports have been received that he will sell his property in the UK. The 38 -year -old Legend is currently asking $ 6.5 million for his UK’s Cheshire State.

Ronaldo’s happy home is located in the Cheshire area. UK Hampton or Kalabas Cheshire. This is in the essence, where the supporters of the wealthy Manchester United buy their residences.

Ronaldo’s British residence does not match the classic English brownstone, as can be seen in the picture. Big gardens are around the mansion, made of a state with basic residence and two guest houses. It seems that after seeing the property, Cristiano’s house is like a village.

The house has seven bedrooms, each with brick walls and with floor-glass windows. In addition to a swimming pool, there is a home theater in the residence. The legend loves luxury mansions, so after the end of his career, we expect it to receive a multi-million dollar property.

Since he had spent a lot of time playing for Madrid before, Ronaldo kept his house there. On the island of Madeira, in Fanchal, there is a place where the person was born. To open five hotels in different countries, CR7 also develops teams with the Pastena Hotel Group. In Portugal, there will be three hotels: one in Madrid, one in New York City, and one in Morocco. The current CR7 residence is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

When Cristiano Ronaldo joins the team in early January, a residence in Riyadh will be purchased. However, Saudi Arabia’s house will not end for some time, thus CR7 is currently living in 17 rooms, a two-story apartment in the Kingdom Tower.

The only night in the hotel is 000 8,000. Ronaldo has been living there since January, and his fare will now reach 500,000.

Don’t worry about the five-time calculation of how much Beln D’s winners can earn a monthly salary at a salary of $ 600,000 in a month. He can easily afford the hotel fee, but I’m sure his team is covering the cost.

Cristiano: Will he leave the El Nasir Club?

Also, rumors are circulating that if the Premier League team forms the Champions League, Ronaldo may leave the Saudi club and join New Castle United.

However, Ronaldo made a statement when he joined the Saudi club. According to what he said, “I have been done in Europe,” we can’t consider removing Ronaldo from the Also club.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a five-time champion of the Champions League and five-time winner of the Ballon DR, is now planning to sell his home in the UK. The house will bring $ 6.5 million at the auction.


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