Correcting a Gummy Smile Can Improve Your Appearance and Your Prospects

People often think that dentistry can only make you look more attractive. While it’s certainly true that dentistry will improve the appearance of your smile, your appearance can actually make an enormous difference in other judgments people make about you and your character.

And sometimes those judgments can have very serious consequences in your life.

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than improving your appearance, it’s about improving your odds of living a far better life.

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The Impact of a Gummy Smile

The serious impact your smile can have on your life is shown by a recent study on a simple procedure: improving the appearance of a gummy smile. For this study, several patients who had gummy smiles were evaluated. that they had smiling photographs taken, showing their typical display of gum tissue. Then these photographs were altered on a computer to increase the teeth similar to what might be achieved with a gum recontouring procedure.

Then the photos of the unmodified and modified images were shown to raters who were asked to gauge the attractiveness of the smiles as well as whether a person was:

  • Friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Trustworthy
  • Self-confident

The raters consistently judged the photos with digital gum recontouring as being higher for all five characteristics. Although a number of the raters were dental professionals and some were laypeople, there was no statistical difference between the 2 groups.

These initial impressions that folks get from your smile are crucial, because people are capable of perceiving our smile faster and from farther than they’re going to hear or understand our words. Before we complete our first sentence, people have already made judgments on the idea of our smile. And it’s these judgments that are likely to control the impression people get of us: more people say they remember a person’s smile after a first meeting than a person’s clothes, smell, or words.


Bearing the results of a Bad First Impression

So what proportion of an impact will that first impression have? A lot, if you create a bad one. Research shows that it’s hard to shake a nasty impression once you’ve made one. which impression can have an impact on many different aspects of your life.

When it involves dating, a beautiful smile is the most desired characteristic in a potential date. And when it involves hiring, people with attractive smiles are going to be given a job over someone with similar skills 58% of the time, 61% of the time if it’s a forward-facing job.

And the consequences can be just as severe if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Jurors are less likely to be forgiving to someone they consider unattractive, handing down harsher sentences on less attractive men.


How Can Your Gummy Smile Be Improved?

But don’t worry. If you’re unhappy with the looks of a gummy smile, we’ve the solution. Actually, we’ve several solutions, counting on the cause of your gummy smile.

The simplest solution to a gummy smile correction is laser gum recontouring. This works to get rid of some of the excess gums so you can display more of your pearly whites.

However, if your teeth are literally too small, we will build them up with dental crowns or porcelain veneers, counting on which is right for the placement of your teeth


How invisible aligners can help

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, dental aligners are made from a clear plastic- like material and are molded to fit all of your upper and lower teeth. They are frequently mentioned as” clear teeth aligners” to emphasize their sensibleness, especially as compared with traditional braces.

You’ll wear aligners for 22 hours a day for 1- 3 weeks at a time and also admit a new set of aligners fitted to slightly acclimate the new alignment of your teeth. Your teeth will crawl with each new set of aligners.

“ Unlike traditional braces, which move the teeth into alignment all directly, these clear aligners shift individual parts of teeth, ” Drut says. “ Digitized computer prints of the case’s teeth are going to be used to determine the particular parts to concentrate on. ” Because the teeth move one member at a time, it’s important that you change your aligners constantly, as recommended by your orthodontist, until your treatment is complete.


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