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Common mistakes everyone makes while printing custom cardboard boxes

Want to know some common mistakes that everyone makes during the printing of custom cardboard boxes? Here are some of those common mistakes and ways to avoid them. gameday 777 Cardboard boxes have become the most popular type of packaging because of their benefits to businesses. They have become a favorite of everyone because of their marketing ability. All businesses use them to display their content related to products and brands.

They try their maximum to grab the attention of customers with the help of printing. However, often a lot of mistakes are seen in the printed content over these boxes. It is necessary to avoid these mistakes to make a positive impression on buyers and to make marketing more useful. Below are some of these common mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Improper colorway selection

One of the most common mistakes seen in the printing of customized cardboard boxes is the wrong selection of color combinations. Normally different colors are used to display the desired content. It is necessary to keep a healthy balance between these colors. The color for displayed content should be selected according to the background theme color

. Keeping both of them almost the same makes it hard to read the information provided. It could be made easier by selecting appropriate colors. For example, a black background is perfect for displaying the content in white or yellow colors. It is easy to avoid this mistake by utilizing the services of an expert.

Opting for the wrong technology

Another very common mistake is opting for the wrong printing technology. Getting these boxes printed by obsolete technology does not provide a quality print. Mangakalalot These obsolete technologies are also unable to release the needed inks for print in a sufficient amount, and this excessive use of ink looks inappropriate on the print substrate. It also costs higher and takes more time, which is not good for businesses.

Opting for modern technologies helps a lot to get a perfect print. Offset or lithography and digital printing technologies are in much demand nowadays. These technologies are perfect for cost-effectively getting a high-quality print. They are also to print these boxes in bulk in a short time. It is easier to avoid this mistake by utilizing the services of the best packaging provider equipped with all modern technologies.

Risking on finishing materials

Risking the use of finishing materials during the printing process of this packaging has a lot of negative aspects. These materials are used for the lamination and coating of these boxes to increase the life of printed content. They are applied as lamination and coating and have a strong resistance to the environmental conditions that influence the quality of the print. Some most commonly used finishes are gloss, matte, spot UV, matte UV, varnish, and aqueous coating. Some finishes like velvet lamination are more popular to give the print an attractive look while protecting it against environmental conditions. Spending a little amount and ensuring the presence of this feature can provide a lot of benefits to businesses.

Considering typography insignificant

Many brands do not pay much attention to typography, and this is their biggest mistake. These brands are missing a chance of leaving an unforgettable impression on people who engaged with their products. It is an essential aspect of making the overall printing attractive and useful. Every brand has to display crucial information about its items and their advantages.

That they have over other competitors. Charming fonts play a vital role in increasing the worth of items. Buyers mostly prefer products whose packaging is looking more visually appealing. Qourdle Displaying all required information in attractive and varying fonts increases the charisma of printing. However, it is essential to use these varying fonts in a balanced manner.

Using low-quality images

Infographics and other images related to the product are very useful to give the buyers an idea of what products will be looking like after opening the packaging or while using them. A mistake that is usually seen is the use of low-quality images that can make customers frustrated. They also seem blurry when they are printed over the packaging. This problem can be avoided by using images with better quality and high resolution. This mistake normally occurs while making a design on its own using an online platform or software. Getting the services of an expert photographer and a professional graphics designer can provide these images in a high resolution and ultimately get a better print result. 

Lack of design consistency

Lacking design consistency ruins the aesthetics of printing. This mistake can possess a lot of damage to a brand’s reputation. Most brands try to display maximum information about their items to convince buyers to purchase, but it makes the printed content overwhelm the packaging. So, it is necessary to keep the content short and brief. Also, the selection of colors and slogans should match to overall brand theme. Despite using too much text displayed, it is better to use infographics that could motivate people to make a purchase. All design elements like company information should also be printed consistently to make people aware of your brand. 

Ignoring proofreading 

Ignoring the importance of proofreading during the printing process can lead to serious damage to brand reputation. It is an unbearable mistake and is often seen in markets. A slight spelling mistake can change the whole meaning of the text. Sending a file to printing companies without having a detailed look at the content displayed is not a good practice. It will waste all of the money incurred in this process. Making a design online on your own with the help of a template is the major cause of this mistake. So, it is necessary to make double-check all the spellings to avoid any unwanted situation.

These were some common mistakes that everyone makes while printing cardboard boxes. It is important to take the services of a professional and to keep double-checking to avoid these mistakes. Sometimes taking a printed sample also helps a lot to check how all the printed information will e looking like on the packaging of your products.


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