A breast duct is a tube that carries milk from a nipple to the nipple’s storage space. If milk does not make it through a duct to the nipple, it flows back out of the nipple, usually into the nipple’s storage space. Some women have clogged breast ducts.

Clogs can happen for several reasons, including: inflammation, infections or injuries. The first sign that you have a problem is a tender, painless lump that Blocked Air Ducts will increase in size and sometimes change color.

Painful breast lumps usually signal a serious problem that needs medical attention. The lump might also appear in the armpit, between the breasts, on the skin near the collarbone or in the areola, the circle of skin around the nipple.

Sometimes there is no lump. Some women have swollen glands that don’t hurt, but you still might have a blocked duct.

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