Cartoon Rose Easy Drawing For Kids

Easy Drawing For Kids rose is unquestionably the floral representation of affection. Although they are beautiful, roses wither over time like all other flowers.

Rose Drawing

Why not become proficient in rose drawing instead? You can always take in a rose’s loveliness up close and personal with a drawing of one. Easy Drawing For Kids we have put together a step-by-step tutorial outlining how to draw a rose in 9 simple, quick stages.

Each instruction is accompanied by an illustration you can use as a visual aid as you complete each process individually. Regardless of your level of drawing ability, you can create a rose with this tutorial!

Have joy and draw a lovely rose using your artistic abilities!

Let’s get started learning how to draw a rose!


  • Draw an amorphous figure with curved lines on the top left corner of your paper.
  • This makes up the most prominent and last noticeable petal on the


  • Sketch the Rose’s First Two Petals
  • We’ll repeat our actions from the previous step at this point. This time, draw a smaller petal behind the larger one we previously made.
  • If the petals don’t appear to be identical, don’t fret! The petals don’t need to be symmetrical. In reality, the petals appear more realistically uneven the more they are!


  • After that, sketch the petal on the back portion.
  • We’ll be drawing the inner petal portion this time.
  • To illustrate this, use curved figures like those in the picture.


  • Next, sketch the center of the rose.
  • Since we’ll be drawing portions of the inner and outer petals in this stage, it’s like combining the previous steps.
  • Draw curved lines to finish the interior and a portion of the outer petal.


  • Then, in Step 5, add additional petals to the right side.
  • This time, we’ll complete the vast outer petal portion.
  • To illustrate this, make curved lines similar to the one in the illustration.


  • Adding Additional Rose Petals to the Back Section
  • We will sketch another petal to give the petal a “wraparound” appearance. However, only the top portion of this petal would be visible because it is situated at the back.
  • Simply make a curved line to represent the top edges of the petal to construct it.


  • Finish all the rose’s petals
  • Create another curved figure to represent the final petal on the rightmost side of the rose.
  • This petal should be more bent and curled than the other petals because it is on the outside of the rose.


  • Following that, draw the rose’s stem
  • The rose is steadily coming together, as we can see now.
  • We are going to add the rose stem at this stage. Simply outline the rose with two curled parallel lines.


  • Draw a Leaf on the Right Side of the Page.
  • The right side of the rose’s stem will get a single leaf added in this stage.
  • Draw an asymmetrical shape with a pointed end on the opposing side and a round edge on the left side to create the leaf. The result is shaped like a solitary leaf.
  • Then, trace a line slightly bent across the leaf’s length. This produces the pattern’s central line on the leaf.
  • Then, to complete the various patterns inside the leaf, draw several diagonal lines linked to the center line.
  • You’ve drawn a rose effectively, so there! It’s finally time to add color to your gorgeous rose!
  • As you can see in the image up top, we used the traditional rose color combination of red for the petals and green for the stem and leaves.
  • There are many shades of rose blossoms, including red, pink, white, purple, yellow, and orange. You can color the rose with its natural hues or a completely different shade. In either case, we’re confident in the beauty of the hues!
  • It’s entirely up to you how you want to color the rose! Play around with color while you wait for the rose to come to life finally!

Three more suggestions to make sketching a rose simple!

  • With these simple and enjoyable techniques, you can draw this beloved flower even more quickly and easily!
  • The intricate petal structure of roses is well known, making sketching a rose very challenging.
  • Although we tried to simplify this in the guidance, if you are still having trouble, you could simplify it even further.
  • You could try making the rose appear more cartoonish or simply more stylized if you wanted to.
  • Don’t be afraid to create a design as simple as you need because doing so can make it much more manageable.
  • Do you have a particular aesthetic in mind for this design change?
  • Furthering the prior suggestion, you can also alter the shape and angle of this drawing of a rose. For instance, the details are much simpler when a rose blossom is closed up.

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