Pre wedding photoshoot, the best decision of your life |The Colourful Ocean

Pre wedding photoshoot, the best decision of your life |The Colourful Ocean

There is a natural elegance to the photographs that are taken before to the wedding. The anticipation of being married, the start of a new life, a variety of underlying emotions, and of course, love are all exquisitely captured during such shootings, producing memories that may perhaps last a lifetime for the couple who commissioned them. However, in order for a picture shoot to be noteworthy, the background must be breathtaking and illustrative of the mood and concept that the photographer is attempting to emphasise. Many engaged couples feel that a pre-wedding photography is not only pointless but also wasteful and prohibitively expensive. However, the reality is that a pre-wedding photo shoot comes with a lot of benefits that will be of assistance to you. Still not convinced for a Pre-wedding photoshoot then let The Colourful Ocean give you a short but informative tour as to why pre wedding photoshoot might just be your best decision.

Benefits of pre wedding photoshoot by The Colourful Ocean

  • Build rapport with your photographer

These days, posing and smiling for the camera is only a small part of wedding photography. The pioneer photographers from The Colourful Ocean are coming up with creative new approaches to ensure that a wedding album is flawless and gives the taste of novelty with every clicked pixel. Should you decide to do a pre-wedding picture shoot two to three months before your wedding day, you should have a good understanding of your photographer well in advance. As a result, you won’t need to make any effort to relax in front of the camera and can simply be yourself the whole time. It may be helpful for your photographer to locate the finest angles and locations for you to take shots at in order to achieve great results on your wedding day. In addition, pre-wedding photos can be thought of as a practise run for the wedding photography session that will take place on the actual wedding day. You will also become familiar with your photographer’s shooting style, which will help you feel more at ease in your relationship with that person.

  • You will know which style suits you best

After viewing the photographs taken before to the wedding, you will be able to make a decision regarding the perspectives, positions, and poses that appear to be most flattering to you. You are also able to choose the style of photography that you want to have done on the day of your wedding. Whether it’s a candid shot, a portrait, a magazine spread, or something else entirely, photographers in the modern day place a greater emphasis on capturing the minute nuances of their subjects’ weddings. Because of this, scheduling a pre-wedding session will give you a better idea of how skilled your wedding photographer is.

  • Non-cliché memories of your wedding

Pre-wedding shoots are for people who want to capture nice images of them together without having to deal with the problems of heavy wedding clothes, makeup, decorations, an overwhelming number of people, and obnoxious selfies. Both parties are able to become more familiar with one another through the process of pre-wedding photography. You are at liberty to strike a posture or not strike a pose. Photographers from The Colourful Ocean are hired to do a pre-wedding session have the goal of capturing candid moments, genuine expressions, and feelings that are shared by the couple. These photographs give your album a more lively appearance.

  • Can use them on the D Day

You may include prints of your pre-wedding images in the invitation card for your wedding, or you could play a slideshow of them at the wedding reception, the Sangeet, or the special Sufi Night event. You should let your guests watch the slideshow while they are eating dinner or while they are mingling with family and friends. The reception will be filled with laughter and joy thanks to these images, which will liven up the evening. Your pre-wedding photographs have the potential to be the best storyteller, narrating your love story in a magnificent way.

  • Decorate your walls

A pre-wedding photoshoot by The Colourful Ocean usually results in quite a few breathtaking photographs. You can hang them on the walls of your room to decorate them. They will be distinctive amid the other standard wedding photographs that you have taken. If you are thinking of having a pre-wedding session, you should do some research on different ideas, such as picking a venue, having a specific theme, using elegant props, and so on, so that your pre-wedding photos will turn out looking amazing.


We have compiled a list of a few compelling arguments in favour of you participating in a pre-wedding picture shoot. But do remember in the midst of all of the activity that goes into preparing a wedding, many of us find that we have very little or no time to spend with our significant others. The most precious advice by The Colourful Ocean might just to enjoy yourself and the arrival of the big day. Before you get married, it is important to take some time for the two of you to reconnect and get some fresh air, so consider scheduling a pre-wedding picture shoot at a gorgeous place or at your favourite spot, as well as taking a well-timed vacation together. Making memories and the places you do so are two of the most beautiful things in life, despite the fact that these are not physical objects in and of themselves. It may be the location of your first encounter, or the room in which you locked lips for the very first time. Your memories of those priceless times will be refreshed, and the bond that the two of you share will be strengthened, all because to the pre-wedding photoshoot that you had in places like these.

Visit our studio and check out the most intriguing shoots we have worked in the past few years. We are confident that the work by The Colourful Ocean will cater your desire of an amazing wedding.


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