Wayanad, a gorgeous and verdant region close to Bangalore, is great for a weekend getaway. After a long day at work, lots of kids and families head to Wayand to unwind, relax, and calm their senses. For anyone who are hesitant to venture outside without proper planning, the three-day Wayanad tours departing from Bangalore are a lifesaver. Our specialists’ 3-day schedule for Bangalore to Wayanad ensures that you have a comfortable stay in addition to viewing the area’s breathtaking sites.

The resort and homestay options, many of which are perfectly positioned in attractive and imaginative settings, ensure that visitors will have a comfortable stay amidst the tranquilly of nature.

The first thing you need to know about Wayanad is that it has lovely scenery of modest yet gorgeous hills. Wayanad, which is bursting with aromatic tea gardens, mist, lush valleys, verdant meadows, and evergreen woods, helps to support Kerala’s claim to be God’s Own Land.


Wayanad’s natural features

Wayanad’s natural features, which range from waterfalls to rivulets, Deodar trees to tea plantations, enhance its charm. Several wild species, including elephants, bears, bison, and even leopards, can be found in the Wayanad region’s dense jungles and lush scenery.

In addition, if you’re coming here, get ready to see some of the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets you’ve ever seen. Let your inner dreamer take the wheel as the night falls because the town offers its observers a starry sky!


Tick off The Chembra Peak Trek, Kerala’s best hike, from your bucket list

You will pass through the enchanted forests and grasslands of the Wetern Ghats on this 14 km long, 6-hour hike. Two lakes will also be seen, one of which being Kerala’s magnificent Love Lake, which has the shape of a heart. Don’t forget to look out for the towns of Kalpetta and Vythiri in the breathtaking vista when you reach the top.


A permit is required for the trek and may be obtained at the entrance gate. They charge roughly INR 50 per person plus a few little camera expenses. Keep in mind that plastic is not permitted at Chembra Peak. Being careful with your garbage is therefore essential in this area!


Make sure you arrive early because the walk cannot begin after 2 o’clock. Try trekking in the morning for the finest experience. Entry deadline is at 7 a.m.


Examine Edakkal Caves’ extensive past

One of the most fascinating locations to visit in Wayanad is the Edakkal Caves, a pair of captivating natural caves located above 1200 metres. This location is unique in that it displays pictorial scripts from the Neolithic Prehistoric civilization. When you scratch the surface of the rich history this place contains, be sure to stop by for its uncommon carvings.


Enjoy a stunning sunset at Banasura Sagar Dam

The Banasura Sagar Dam, the second-largest earthen dam in Asia, is a must-see location in Wayanad. Row in the tranquil waters while taking in a mesmerising sunset to round off a blissful evening.


Trek through the Meenmutty Falls wilderness

Go to Meenmutty Falls for an interesting hike if you’re up for it. Waters gush here endlessly with a longest plunge of 1000 feet. As it rains, the flow becomes a little too strong, so be careful where you tread.


Rock climbing is something you should try at Soochipara Falls

The Soochipara Waterfall, a three-tier cascade located in the midst of evergreen deciduous trees, is a sight to behold. The Sentinel Rock Falls is yet another name for it. If the weather is suitable, you can try your hand at rock climbing on the falls’ cliff face.


Rowing in Pookode Lake’s waters

The Pookode Lake, the highest altitude freshwater lake in Kerala, exudes serenity. Do some kayaking or boating while admiring the gorgeous flowers in bloom all around you.


Take a stroll across the Chembra Tea Estate’s countless farms

Not to boast, but the Chembra estate, a must-see location in Wayanad, is where Zostel Wayanad is located. The Chembra Estate, located at the foot of the Chembra Peak, is a never-ending sea of tea and coffee plantations.


Choose the outstanding Thusharagiri Trek

Despite being far from Wayanad, this walk receives special attention in our blog post on Wayanad. This walk has everything to offer the inner traveller, from rainbow waterfalls and pools to wood bridges and abundant foliage. Go 50 kilometres south of Wayanad to Kozhikode to access this hike. The Kozhikode-Ooty Highway is located directly next to the trek’s starting point.

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