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4 Reasons to Use HDPE Access Mats

The health and safety of the employees should be a priority for every business, especially the ones that include a great deal of risk. However, some employers fail to take the necessary safety precautions because they may be trying to cut costs to stay competitive or they are unaware of the new technology.

No matter which side you’re on, getting information about the new products and equipment that can keep your employees safe is definitely the right step. Access mats are one of the ways businesses like construction companies make temporary passageways for their employees and equipment over soft or uneven ground. 

While access mats have been around for some time, businesses are mostly aware of the wooden mats. Even though the wooden option has some benefits, the new and improved HDPE access mats are reusable, waterproof, and more durable.

But, why should you get HDPE access mats? Here are some reasons why.

Better Traction 

When working at a construction site, oil field, or gas drilling site, among others, the ground can often be soft. That’s why your team might have trouble navigating the site right from the bat. Even if the site seems solid at first, you might realize the softness once you start walking on it. 

When you have HDPE access mats laid out on the site, you and your team will be safer working out there than without them. These mats can give better traction to your team when they are walking or driving their vehicles around the site. 

Improved Support for Your Equipment

When you’re working on softer ground, your equipment might be unstable during the work. That is not only dangerous for your employees but it can also damage expensive equipment. 

For instance, you might have a heavy machine that needs to sit just right and it has extendable legs that need to settle in the ground for additional stability. But, the ground is too soft or uneven. Then your machine can’t get the stability it needs.

By using HDPE access mats, you can give your machinery and equipment the stable ground it needs to be properly functional. 

Lesser Surface Damage

Even if the ground you’re working on is stable, the equipment you use can cause damage to the surface. The foot traffic in the area alone can make damage the ground. Combine that with the equipment, machines, and vehicles, then you can just imagine the devastating effects on the surface. 

For this reason, access mats have a lot of applications. You can use them anywhere in your workplace to avoid damage to the ground. For instance, businesses with warehouses also sometimes use access mats to avoid damage to the floors. 

More Affordable

Since access mats are incredibly important to maintain your job site and protect your equipment, you will most likely need to buy them. However, it can be hard to choose from the different types of access mats. 

When you buy HDPE access mats, you can save costs. They might not be the cheapest option, but they are the most durable and lightweight access mats. That means you can save money on taking them from and to the job site as well as reusing them since they are very durable.


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